Le 17 Septembre Showroom

Le 17 Septembre의 쇼룸 컨셉은 "편집된 고전의 병치"라는 주제로 해석된 디자인 입니다. 
이제는 폐목이 된 고재들과 마당의 돌 일부를 수집하고 그것들을 통해 가구 디자인으로 재편집한 프로젝트 입니다.

Typology: 상업
Usage: 패션 쇼룸
Location: 서울 강남구 논현로161길 49, 2층
Floor Area: 37.6m2/11.4PY
Client: Le 917 Company
Involvement: 컨셉 디자인, 시공
Date of completion: 2019년 01월
Le 17 Septembre's showroom is interpreted as concept 'juxtaposition of edited Korean classic'.
It is a project that collects some woods which have not been used anymore and some stones which are placed at the yard. We re-edited them as furniture, focusing on classic material.

Typology: Commercial
Usage: Fashion Store
Location: 2F49, Nonhyun-ro161gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Floor Area: 37.6m2
Client: Le 917 Company
Involvement: Concept Design, Construction
Date of completion: January, 2019