Existence, Sensory of Texture, Power of Sight
실재하는 것, 감각의 결, 이미지의 권력

Business Scope

Architectural Design & Planning
Interior Design, Planning & Construction
Design Planning & Consulting
Brand Contents Planning & Consulting
Art Direction & Installational Art directing

Organization & Members
Founder _ 
Lee Dong Il 

Creative Team
Creative Director _ Lee Jin Kyung
Executive Director _ Kwak Yeong Won

Senior Director _ Jang Ha Na
Senior Director _ Kim Chi Deok
Senior Director _ Shin Da Young 
Senior Director _ Park Hee Jin 
Senior Director _ Noh Sun Hyun 
Senior Director _ Lee Seung Hoon 

Senior Designer _ Shin Dong Hae 
Senior Designer _ Kim Jung Eun 

Designer _ Hong Hye Won
Designer _ Heo Ji Su
Designer _ Kim Kyun Chul
Designer _ Lee Ye Chan

Visual Work Team
Photographer _ Han Sung Hoon
Grapic Design _ OR Studio

Management Support Team
General Manager _ Han Sung Hoon
Chief Accountant _ Lee Eun Kyoung

Foreign Division
Choi Jin Wook 崔镇旭
Yang Dong Yul 梁栋聿

Living Production Team
Director _ Kim Sung Eun 
                _ Kim So Hye

yyyyynnn(Cafe Development Team)
Barista _ Baek Kyung Ra
Barista _ Jung Eun Kyung
Barista _ Kim Ji Woo
Barista _ Cho Hyeon A
Barista _ Park Jin O

Ledongil Workshop
Creator _ Ledongil Workshop