Existence, Sensory of Texture, Power of Sight
실재하는 것, 감각의 결, 이미지의 권력


Business Scope

Architectural Design & Planning
Interior Design, Planning & Construction
Design Planning & Consulting
Brand Contents Planning & Consulting
Art Direction & Installational Art directing






Recto Flagship Store

Type: 패션 플래그십 스토어

Client: 앨리카
Location: 서울 용산구 한남대로46길 24
Floor Area: 2F: 53.12㎡(16.06PY), 3F: 37.65㎡(11.38PY), 4F: 41.89㎡(12.67PY), Total: 132.66㎡(40.13PY)
Involvement: 컨셉 디자인, 시공
Date of completion: 2021년 2월
Photography: 한성훈

Type: Fashion Flagship Store

Client: Alika Co.,Ltd.
Location: 24, Hannam-daero 46-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Floor Area: 2F: 53.12㎡, 3F: 37.65㎡, 4F: 41.89㎡, Total: 132.66㎡
Involvement: Concept Design, Construction
Date of completion: Feb. 2021
Photography: Sunghoon, Han