Movement In Silence


Movement in Silence
July 28 - August 8, 2020


With its elegant curves, the Fritz Hansen Lily™ Chair is praised as an Arne Jacobsen masterpiece with functionality as a comfortable piece of furniture and a beautiful form which echoes the skill required for its advanced craftsmanship. As an homage to the Danish designer’s dedication and innovative approach to design, five Korean artists with unique positions within the world of crafts and design have been invited to join ‘Movement in Silence’, a project to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Lily Chair.

The five artists made unique interpretations of the creative and enchanting design of Arne Jacobsen’s Lily Chair, exploring a quiet kind of aesthetic that is quintessentially Korean and cannot be expressed directly through form. The Korean aesthetic is at once both plain but rich, reaching its full potential and guiding its spectators towards deep appreciation through the creator’s introspection rather than externally expressing or revealing their ideas. The structure of the Lily Chair became a framework onto which the artists incorporated their design philosophy, structural aesthetic, recurrent subject matter, and familiar production methods with new technology. The concepts that were expressed minimally and implicitly are refinement, void, expansion, and repetition.

We hope that the beauty of this project does not merely end as visual appreciation but can be understood and experienced through the senses of the whole body, including memory and intuition.

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